About Dytto

Dytto, born April 27, 1998, is a female animation dancer, well-known personality, and possibly a real-life robot. You may have spotted Dytto in her multiple appearances on The Ellen Show, her several viral dance videos, advertisements, or from her various live performances. She is now signed with Xcel Talent Agency, and is continuing to grow what she calls her #dyttofam. Find more on her Youtube Channel: Dytto.
Born in Florida, and raised in Atlanta, Dytto went from a gymnast, a cheerleader, a straight A student, and quite quickly all the way to a professional dancer. Years of training lead up to this in numerous dance styles, but not only did popping and animation hold a special place in her heart, but it gave her a special place in the dance community. In 2014, dance styles ranging from popping and hip-hop to robotting, tutting, and finger-tutting brought her to where she calls home today in Los Angeles, CA.
They call Dytto the “Barbie Girl” for a reason. Her first video and first live performance to reach over 40 million on multiple platforms shocked the internet, and shocked Dytto, too. She freestyled on her birthday for the first time on stage to a Barbie Girl Trap Remix and cannot help but to continuously claim it as “The best 17th birthday gift she could have ever received.”


Check out below some of her most notable performances:

  • Ellen DeGeneres Show
  • Kids Choice Sports Awards
  • Fanta Commercial
  • Android Wear Commercial
  • Nickelodeon
  • Target Commercial
  • Koovs Commercial Argentina
  • KCAL 9 News
  • The Ellen Show ABC
  • Felix Jaehn Music Video
  • Pandora Radio Campaign
  • Bobby Puma Music Video
  • H&M Commercial
  • Max Schneider 'Lights Down Low' Music Video
  • IGC   2015
  • 2016 Urban Dance Camp
  • iHeartRadio Tubeathon 
  • BET Experience
  • World of Dance Las Vegas 
  • World of Dance Dallas 
  • World of Dance Los Angeles
  • World of Dance Houston
  • World of Dance Atlanta
  • World of Dance Chicago
  • World of Dance San Diego
  • World of Dance San Francisco
  • IGC 2015 
  • World of Dance Awards
  • BET Experience
  • Dancer Palooza
  • Hip Hop International Mexico
  • KOD Host
  • Shoe Carnival Commercial
  • Aurora Music Video
  • Barbie Music Video
  • First Neon Chick of Paul Mitchell’s Neon Hair Care 
  • AXI Monsterz
  • Watch the Duck Music Video
  • JiKay & Mnkn
  • Android Print
  • Complex Magazine
  • Android Billboard
  • Dr. Pepper
  • H&M World Recycle Week Music Video
  • Jerome Price 'Me Minus You' Music Video
  • H&M in New York on Times Square JumboTron

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